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Author: Monique Robinson

As I read the article, “Want to Buy Pfizer Stock? What You Should Know”, written by Chris Davis of Nerd Wallet, I couldn’t help but remember why I didn’t go into finance ages ago! I see entirely why rich/wealthy people pay others to handle their finances and investments for them and why middle class/poor people (primarily people of color) have no clue on what to do or feel like they can’t.


Well, I’m here to tell you that you/we can!! Believe that investing is not only about looking at the numbers and reading the company statistics. It also has to do with personal goals, needs, priorities, and most of all, how you/we view money. Just like anything else, “If you’re looking at something with foggy glasses, it is difficult to see clearly.”


Therefore, investing has to be made with clear intent.
Now, to the article… Pfizer has been around since the 1800s and has been innovative in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, creating vaccines, treatments, and other pharmaceutical products to aid in the battles with cancer, inflammatory diseases, and others. Pfizer is a large-cap value company making billions of dollars in a competitive industry. And as long as people continue to get sick, companies like Pfizer will continue to exist and thrive.


As noted, the partnership with BioNTech in November 2020 has been a successful one thus far for both companies and people around the world. With Pfizer leading the pack in its Covid-19 vaccine, being the first to be approved by the FDA, and having the highest efficacy rate (above 90%) of them all, it is definitely looking like a “no brainer”, in deciding whether or not to add this stock to your portfolio. However, there are other factors to consider first. Pfizer has had some significant gains & losses in revenue over the years.


It is a company where dividends can be made, but the larger investors have the most to gain. Pfizer is an easy, low-cost, and diversified stock. Pfizer isn’t the “get rich quick” type of stock but is a solid competitor in the market that has been quite consistent in its growth over the years.


Please be clear; I am not telling you how to invest your money or whether or not you should add Pfizer to your portfolio. Just remember to do your research, incorporate your needs and goals and make a decision you can live with regardless of the outcome. When you invest, you are taking a risk! And no one will have all of the correct answers all of the time. So, give yourself that margin of error and know that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.


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