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Bring Interactive Financial Learning to Your Corporation, School, or Organization

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Unleash Fun and Inclusive Financial Education for Your Community!

Discover the power of our:

1- Diverse Financial Card Game
2- Financial Education Platform
3- Diverse Financial Blog

Gain access to these incredible resources and create a dynamic and inclusive financial education experience for your community (Corporations, Schools, or Organizations).

In our rapidly evolving financial landscape, financial education is more than an advantage—it’s a necessity. To meet this need, we’ve created an innovative game and platform to make financial education accessible, engaging, and fun. It’s designed for corporations, schools, and organizations of all kinds, promoting financial education within communities everywhere.

The LEGACY! Card Decks, our unique model’s key component, unlocks access to an array of subscription packages. These decks, which are a fun and interactive game, open up a treasure trove of online diverse financial education resources.

Our LEGACY! Card Decks are much more than just a game—they’re your gateway into the world of finance. Each deck guides you through Careers, Investments, Liabilities & Savings, Assets, and Life Events, illustrating the path to building generational wealth.

But don't take just our word for it. Nicola Corzine, Founder & Executive Director of The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, endorses us:

“Few companies come as close to understanding the lived experience as Ruby Taylor and Financial Joy School when it comes to improving generational wealth and financial literacy… Her solutions, products, and programs chart a course for what’s possible when resources and talent are deeply appreciated and supported.”

Ready to build financially savvy communities? Our LEGACY! Card Decks add an interactive element to your financial education program, unlocking access to our comprehensive online platform. And remember, all our products come with a special discount!

Your journey through the diverse aspects of finance begins with our LEGACY! Card Decks, and each round sheds light on the path to generational wealth. With our subscription packages tailored to your needs, you’ll get access to a wealth of resources including 150+ blog posts, instructional videos, and live virtual events.

Ready to shape a financially inclusive community? Start your journey towards financial education and wealth-building today. Purchase your LEGACY! Card Decks and unlock a world of interactive financial education.

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