Commit to this pledge and join the Thousands of Black Families building a financial legacy because our ancestors could not, and now we can.

I/We Will Build Generational Wealth For My Black Family. I Will…

  • Commit to monthly family dinners/meetings to talk about finances.
  • Commit to using the Financial Joy School website and other resources to learn about investing and include your family.
  • Commit to purchasing at least $100 annually in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or ETFs for the next generations. 
  • Commit to purchasing a home or paying off your mortgage.
  • Commit to creating a Will & Trust in the next 12 months.
If you believe our families deserve GENERATIONAL WEALTH, take the pledge to ensure our Black & Brown families get what we deserve. Let’s Build Generational Wealth TOGETHER BECAUSE WE CAN.

Take the Pledge & Invest $100 & You Could Be 1 of 10 Families Who Will Receive $100 To Invest

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Why Am I Focused On Us Buying Stocks and Building Generational Wealth?

Because I was BROKE…

From -$15,000
Net Worth

+$487,453 (and counting)
Net Worth

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Hi Family, I am Ruby “SunShine” Taylor. I know firsthand the struggles of not having enough money to pay bills or get medication. From that struggle, I decided life could be fewer headaches and stress if we could create financial freedom.



A friend taught me about long-term investing, and it changed our family life for the better. He and his wife gave me financial lessons that I will cherish for life.
Here are a few:


I can’t promise YOU millions of dollars in 3 months, but I can promise if you
invest for the long-term, you will build generational wealth.

Get Guidance from Experts & You Could Win $10,000

Learn from finance pros who know what to do—and how to make wealth building fun.

Bring JOY to Your Finances

Learn How to Build
Generational Wealth with our LEGACY! CARD GAME. Have fun with your family and stress less about money. 

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