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Dear Black People, Best Dividend Stocks,


Best Dividend Stocks

Beautiful and Handsome people dividend stocks are a way to create passive income and build generational wealth. This post is for you to find out about dividend stocks for you to consider. Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of dividend stocks available; this is a concise list only for information purposes.

If you are looking to learn more about How Does Stock Di

A Real Life Story

Just to let you know, you can purchase fractional shares of a stock and still receive a dividend. So, don’t let high price dividend stocks scare you.

Before we get into this list, this weekend was a difficult one; Friday night, I punctured my ear, and the blood flowed, and it was so scary.

When my partner came to see why I urgently requested her presence, she looked in my ear and was like, “what did you do? I told you to stop putting things in your ears? Can you hear me?”

Unfortunately, I could still hear her. I tried my best not to, but I still could.

Okay, back to the story,

I went to a 24hour urgent care; they said they didn’t take my health insurance. So, I said I would pay out of pocket; the customer service representative’s gave me a look that said you can’t afford it. His words expanded did you know it’s $189.00 for a visit, and he presided to emphasize that the medication was not included.

I breathed, revalidated my dopeness, and said yes. I paid for the care, which was top-notched, but the customer service was not so much.

Next, I needed medicine, and when I called the pharmacy to ensure the prescription came through, they told me the bad news, my insurance didn’t cover it.

They said the price was $336.00, and my next thought was to have this transferred to Walmart because Walmart is usually cheaper.

I called Urgent Care, and they transferred the medicine.

I know you are wondering what does this has to do with the Best Dividend Stocks; I am gettin to it, Ms. Sophia.

I called Walmart to see if they had the medicine, and they said they do, but it’s expensive. I told them I was aware of the fee, and they said, ” Are you sure? I said yes. They put me on hold, and another person came on the phone to let me know the price again. I said it was okay and that I would pick it up today, and they told me to hold on.

Now the pharmacist came on the phone and explained yet again the medicine is expensive, and if I knew the cost, I told him I was fully aware. He continued, are you sure? Yes, I am fully aware. He still proceeded to tell me the price, and it was at that moment, I remembered when I could not afford my medicine.

How much shame and desperation it caused for me to need medicine and be unable to afford it.

Today was not that day and it’s because I direct my money to grow in long-term investments because I was taught what to do and how to do it.

But my beautiful melanin makes people assume I don’t have money to afford my medication (please know this pharmacy was not the same when I was broke; it’s two different states).

Walmart pharmacy department heard my voice and made a judgment call, and when I picked up the medicine, they continued being presumptuous, ” Do you know how much money it is?

We must change the narrative that black people struggle financially by building our wealth.

Not for society but for us to live in financial freedom for our generation and many generations to come.

We can change our families’ narrative by building generational wealth through long-term investing. No better way to begin or to add to your portfolio than to add some dividend stocks.

I know that story was extra long, but I needed to show you why I press forward no matter the obstacles to empower and inspire us to build generational wealth one dividend stock at a time. I know what it feels like to be in lack and I know what it feels like to be in overflow, I prefer the latter.

The 14 Best Dividend Stocks to Consider

Fractional Shares Can Still Earn A Dividend – Buy What You Can Afford



Walker & Dunlop  Stock Symbol WD.  $120.17


Costco Stock Symbol COST $452.39


AvalonBay Communities Stock Symbol AVB  $224.11


Gilead Sciences Inc. Stock Symbol GILD  $68.37


Live Oak Bancshares  Stock Symbol LOB  $67.00


Verizon Communications Inc. Stock Symbol VZ $52.90


JPMorgan Chase  Stock Symbol JPM $170.12


Brookfield Renewable Stock Symbol BEP $37.08


Starbucks  Stock Symbol SBUX $112.72


Altria Group Inc.,  Stock Symbol MO  $47.12


Exxon Mobil Corp.  Stock Symbol XOM  $62.71


NorthWestern Corp. Stock Symbol  $57.72


J.M. Smucker Co.  Stock Symbol SJM $121.97


3M Co.  Stock Symbol MMM $177.53


NOW, LET THE OFFICIAL “How Does Stock Dividend Work?” PARTY BEGIN…




****We are not certified financial advisors. But, we are INVESTORS. This is for information purposes only. Now, let the FINANCIAL PARTY continue…
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