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Empowering the Black Community to Build Generational Wealth One Partnership At A Time – CASH Campaign of Maryland


“Racism and oppression have hampered the ability for many black families to build generational wealth, stealing financial stability and joy for many of us,” says Financial Joy School Founder Ruby Taylor, M.S.W. To combat this hard truth, we are on a journey to educate, inspire, and empower black youth and families to become long-term investors, and in doing so, we will put a significant dent in the racial wealth gap.”


CASH Campaign of Maryland has partnered with Financial Joy School to spread the word about our seminars. We are so thankful for their support and all they do to close the racial wealth gap and ensure poverty is eliminated for all people in the state of Maryland. 


Are you curious about Financial Joy School Seminars for Black youth and families? We hope so!


Attending Financial Joy School Seminars will help black youth and families create generational wealth for a more financially secure and joyful life.


Free financial education platform Financial Joy School offers three seminars in September, October, and November with wealth experts, financial resources, and tools to help Black youth and families become long-term investors and build generational wealth. 


Do you want your money to grow, but you don’t know where to start? 


Are you curious about investing? 


Are you afraid to invest? 


Join our free virtual seminar, “What Is Investing?” led by Ollen Douglass. To register for the September 18th, 2021, “What Is Investing?” Click Here


Let’s build generational wealth together one seminar at a time. Wait before we go. Have you ever heard of CASH Campaign of Maryland? Well, it’s a great organization founded by social workers Robin McKinney and Sara Johnson. 


The CASH Campaign of Maryland promotes economic advancement for low-to-moderate income individuals and families in Baltimore and across Maryland. CASH accomplishes its mission through operating a portfolio of direct service programs, building organizational and field capacity, and leading policy and advocacy initiatives to strengthen family economic stability.


Spread the word by clicking the circle to the right… Join the movement and let others know we exist… 



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