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Wells Fargo’s Intuitive Investor


For the past few weeks, we’ve been diving into mutual funds and have presented our choices for some of the best ones if you’re thinking about investing in them. Now we’re discussing a new tool offered by Wells Fargo, their Intuitive Investor. The Intuitive Investor is an automated investment program offered by Wells Fargo that offers a portfolio option catered just for you. Let’s learn more about Wells Fargo’s Intuitive Investor and see if this is the right investment path for you.

Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor

What is the Intuitive Investor? Simply put, it is an automated investment program offered by Wells Fargo that uses algorithms to take a peek at any risk factors in your profile and, using that information, then offers a portfolio option catered just for you. This takes the guesswork out of choosing options for your own portfolio. First-time investors will find this tool extremely easy to use, and seasoned investors will love its simplicity.

The algorithms then continue to keep watch over your investments and make any changes as needed to more fully meet your investment goals. One of the great draws to the Intuitive Investor is that it also has a mobile app, so you’ll be able to keep track of your investments on any device, at home or on the go.

Investment Calculator

Before you invest, Wells Fargo has offered an investment calculator directly on the Intuitive Investor webpage. By using this calculator, you can see at a glance what your investments might look like in twenty years’ time, including a poor market, a middle-of-the-road market, and a good market. Depending on how much you wish to invest over the years, you can see for yourself how well you might do overall down the road. 

Minimum investment is $500, but feel free to invest more. Their investment calculator shows you an estimate due to your initial investment as well as your monthly contributions. Not only does the Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor do your investing for you, it has already foreshadowed your path of success with their calculator, showing how you’ll most definitely gain in the long run, even in a poor market.

Several Accounts Available

No matter what kind of account you’re looking to open for investment purposes, the Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor likely has what you’re looking for. Their accounts include Individual, Joint, Trust, Custodial (UGMA/UTMA), Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, Inherited Roth IRA, and an Inherited Traditional IRA. ETFs are also a possibility. If you want to rollover a qualified retirement plan, you can do that too. 

There’s Nothing Simpler

If you have been looking for a way to jump into the world of investing, the Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor is for you. It is easy to use, very simple, has a mobile app, and offers several different types of accounts. This tool invests in the market for you and builds a custom portfolio according to your needs. If you’re not too familiar with investing or if you don’t want to think about it too long or too hard, why not go the simple route and invest with the Intuitive Investor? In twenty years, you’ll be so glad you did. 

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