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Why Invest in Microsoft Stock

For the curious investor, Financial Joy School has compiled a list of solid stocks you’ll want to invest in to grow your generational wealth. We have already covered a few and have many more to go, but today, we’re going to take a look at one of the most solid stocks on the market: Microsoft. Why you need to invest in Microsoft Stock.

It All Began in a Garage

If there’s one theme shared among several of the giants in business today, it’s that many had their humble beginnings in someone’s garage. For Microsoft, this computer titan was born in 1975 in the New Mexico garage of Bill Gates and Paul Allen. These two high school buddies took a popular programming language known as BASIC and made it available for the Altair, an early precursor to the PC (personal computer). Over the course of a few years, they had refined their new computer programming language and had invented a few more.

Gates coined the name “Microsoft” from combining the two words together: microcomputer and software. It didn’t take long for IBM to take notice of Microsoft, and in 1980, they asked the company to write the software for the first IBM PC. In only a few years, Microsoft had become a huge name in the computing business.

Over the Years

Microsoft is a company that continues to innovate. They didn’t merely stop at writing computer software, but have dipped their toe into other industries, such as the internet with their popular browser Internet Explorer, the gaming industry with the wildly popular gaming console the Xbox, and social media with the purchase of LinkedIn, the “Facebook” of the professional world.

These days, Bill Gates has become the face of Microsoft even though he has stepped down as the CEO of the company. His vision toward innovation is what launched Microsoft into the stratosphere by seizing upon a quaint opportunity in the late ‘70’s that grew into a massively successful business venture.

In fact, Microsoft is the only company that can give Apple a run for their money, as most everyone in the world who owns a computer owns a Mac or a PC. Many of their products have now become part of the common professional experience, such as Windows, Office, Excel, and Outlook. It’s safe to say Gates has forever changed the face of the way the entire world does business.

These Stocks Won’t Crack

At almost 50 years old, Microsoft has proven itself to be a company that has staying power. Through the genius innovation of Bill Gates, Microsoft has grown to make a mighty name for itself. There is no worry of these stocks completely tanking as the world’s computer infrastructure is built upon the software—and the hardware—of Microsoft. If you’re looking for a solid stock that has longevity and will only climb in value over the years, look no further than Microsoft.

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