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Who is The Biggest E-Commerce?

Did you know that the biggest E-commerce in the world is Let that sit with you for two seconds.

Amazon is the biggest in the world as a whole, not just the United States. If you are wondering what the second-biggest e-commerce in the world would be China’s E-commerce company The third-largest is one of our favorites Apple.


$1000 in Amazon in 1997 would be worth?

Let’s say you put $1000 in Amazon on the first day of trading in May 1997; it would be worth $1.6 million at today’s share prices. Okay, please don’t beat yourself up for not investing in Amazon in the early days; we are okay because we feel Amazon domination will not end in the near or far future.

What Is Amazon Doing?

Amazon’s ability to continuously grow into the future is because of its multilayers of business. What is Amazon doing? I am glad you asked: 

Amazon Logistics— its fulfillment and logistics platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) — its cloud computing infrastructure

Amazon Prime — its loyalty program 

Amazon Retail — its online shopping function


Amazon Stock

What type of cash is Amazon bringing in?

Amazon’s E-commerce business brought in $340 billion last year, compared to retail giant Walmart $559 billion. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing division brought in $45 billion of net sales, generating more than half of Amazon’s operating profits.

Whether you should purchase Amazon stock is not something we can say either way. Before buying or not buying Amazon stock, answer these questions: 

Do I understand what Amazon does as a business?

Do I see Amazon being around for another 50 years?

Will Amazon make more money in the future?

Do you like Amazon as a business?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, maybe you should consider Amazon stock.

How much is a share of Amazon?

So, far Amazon stock ranged:

52 Week Range $2,871.00 – $3,554.00

As of July 1st, the price of Amazon Stock was $3,432.97

What if I don’t have $3,432.97?

Can I still purchase Amazon stock? 

Of course, you can purchase Amazon stock with as low as $1, which would give you a fraction of a share, and that is still buying Amazon Stock. 

You would have to find a brokerage firm that allows fraction purchases. Here is a shortlist of firms you can use to purchase fraction or whole shares:

To learn more about Amazon, visit these sites/articles:


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