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Celebrating Future Black History with Wall Street Trapper, Mr. Leon Howard

February is Black History Month and we’re proud to celebrate a man who has pulled himself up from rags to riches, Mr. Leon Howard, better known as Wall Street Trapper. As a young teen, Trapper lived in the ghettos of New Orleans and fell into the “trap” of dealing and crime. It’s the only life he knew. Convicted by the tender age of 16, Trapper served 10 years behind bars. While incarcerated, he struck up a conversation with another man, a White man, who boasted about his investments on Wall Street. While this man was in prison with Trapper for a short time, he would be wealthy by the time he was released.

That news got Trapper’s attention, and once Mr. Leon Howard was freed, he dedicated himself to learning about the stock market and investing money. Convinced there had to be a better way for Blacks to escape the “trap” and make wealth for themselves, he found the answer on Wall Street.

Most people chase after a fast buck, yet investing money is playing the long game. Here at Financial Joy School, we call this building generational wealth. This is exactly how rich people build their wealth, through investing, buying real estate, and buying stocks. The only thing holding Black people back from closing the racial wealth gap besides racism…is education. Wall Street Trapper will become a future Black historian by changing the narrative of crime, dealing, and prison time.

Wall Street Trapper Mission

Trapper’s mission is to educate and equip Black men and women to be smart with their finances by investing their money in the stock market. In fact, Trapper opened his own university called The Trapper University and offers classes and ebooks on how to invest. These courses are not focused toward those who are already rich, rather they speak to the truth and the reality of growing up and living in a poor and under resourced community. How do you break out? How do you succeed when poverty has always run in your family? How do you make a name for yourself?

Wall Street Trapper’s goal is to take the word “trap” and redefine it to empower the Black community that might view the trap as being inescapable. Within his own story, Trapper proves rising above poverty and crime can be done to become both a successful Black man and a successful Black entrepreneur through investing money in the stock market.

Building Wealth

Financial Joy School shares Wall Street Trapper’s vision of bringing financial education to black youth and families for building generational wealth. Investing any affordable amount can grow wealth. Growing wealth is the surest way to escape the “trap” of generational poverty. Through strong Black voices like Wall Street Trapper and our own Ruby Taylor, you too can build generational wealth for you and your family. 

There really is a “money tree” and it grows on Wall Street!

To learn more about investing, closing the racial wealth gap, and growing generational wealth for Black and brown families, please visit Financial Joy School and become a part of our financial family.


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