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Celebrating Black Fathers with the Black Fathers Foundation

At Financial Joy School, we work with several distribution partners to bring our vision of closing the racial wealth gap to as many Black and brown families as we can reach. We are proud to showcase our partnership with the Black Fathers Foundation, whose purpose is to build up and support Black fathers and their families. 

The Black Fathers Foundation began with an idea. In 2008, Matt Prestbury opened a simple Facebook group. Over the years, the group grew to become a flourishing community of Black men, celebrating fatherhood and supporting each other on similar journeys. Prestbury’s goal was to create a picture of dedicated Black fatherhood, rather than the caricature of Black fathers portrayed by the media, on television, and throughout society. In order to do this, he banded together with a group of like-minded Black men posting pictures, giving advice, and uniting in a brotherhood—through fatherhood.

By 2018, Prestbury and his wife Kelly decided to take their community and create a non-profit organization, bringing love and fellowship to many more dedicated Black fathers all over the country. By 2019, their dream came true. The Black Fathers Foundation took off and has never once looked back.

The goal of this foundation is to enable Black men, through various resources and commitment, to strengthen their families and become a powerful presence in the lives of their children. Their objectives are threefold. 

First, to challenge the stigma of Black fathers in society. 

Second, to become a beacon of fellowship and support for strong Black fathers. 

And third, to present financial opportunities for Black fathers to further better themselves with scholarships, sponsorships, and grants.

Through their amazing generosity and a heart for Black men, Prestbury and the Black Fathers Foundation have partnered with Financial Joy School to teach Black fathers how to build generational wealth for their families. They have brought 100 men to Georgia to play Ruby Taylor’s LEGACY! Card Game, which teaches players how to invest their money while giving options of choosing diverse career opportunities. This gives players a snapshot of what investing and building wealth might look like within their own lives. Taylor created this card game to promote excitement within Black and brown communities for building generational wealth and closing the racial wealth gap.

By partnering with Taylor and Financial Joy School, the Black Fathers Foundation is one of Taylor’s Project 10,000 partners, a movement which began through a generous grant donated by the Wells Fargo Social Impact & Small Business Foundation. This grant allowed Taylor the opportunity to create and donate 10,000 LEGACY! Card Games to her distribution partners. Through the passion of both Taylor and Prestbury, Black fathers now have the opportunity to learn how to build a firm financial foundation for their children and families.

The bottom line is simple. In order for Black families to flourish, they need strong Black fathers and a strong understanding of how to make, save, and invest their money. Through the partnership of Financial Joy School and the Black Fathers Foundation, Black and brown families are given a promising future, not only for financial peace, but for the peace of mind of Black fathers everywhere.

To learn more about investing, closing the racial wealth gap, and growing generational wealth for Black and brown families, please visit Financial Joy School and become a part of our financial family.


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