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Wells Fargo Social Impact & Small Business Foundation
Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

At Financial Joy School, we’re proud to partner with the Wells Fargo Social Impact & Small Business Foundation. This foundation understands the hardships faced by people of color to build generational wealth, and has made it their mission to empower 10,000 Black and brown families to build their small businesses. Through this program, Wells Fargo has helped over 150,000 small businesses to find their footing in the world, and not only that, but to thrive. The goal of the foundation is to support small businesses of various diverse backgrounds, with over eighty percent of their funding directed to Black, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, and women business owners, just to name a few.

Our own Ruby “SunShine” Taylor was featured on Wells Fargo’s website as a voice praising the foundation, not only for representation for people of color, but also for representation as an entrepreneur, and what’s more, as a woman. Through the Wells Fargo’s Social Impact Foundation, Ruby has found fantastic opportunities for Financial Joy School to grow and thrive that she might not have otherwise found as a Black female entrepreneur.

“Wells Fargo is committed to keeping minority businesses open and flourishing,” said Financial Joy School CEO, Ruby Taylor. “They gave me a $250,000 grant to donate 10,000 LEGACY! card decks to Black and brown youth and families. With the help of Wells Fargo, we’ll be able to reach families that otherwise would have remained unreached. My goal is to close the racial wealth gap by teaching minority families how to invest and build generational wealth.”

Ruby Taylor’s LEGACY! Card Game is designed to teach players how to make their money work for them, how to learn the process of investing their money, while also presenting various career possibilities that celebrate diversity. Through the generous grant of the Wells Fargo Social Impact & Small Business Foundation, Ruby is now able to give away these card games to 10,000 minorities and their families who might not have been able to afford them.

By empowering Ruby and other entrepreneurs and business owners like her, Wells Fargo is ensuring minority-owned businesses will not be closed down or cast by the wayside. This assurance builds both peace of mind and a sense of security in small business owners at simply knowing a company as prestigious as Wells Fargo is behind them.

Due to Wells Fargo’s dedication to this cause, Black and minority owned businesses, such as Financial Joy School and over 150,000 others, are allowed to prosper and succeed. Not only does Wells Fargo help Ruby’s business to bloom, but through Ruby’s business, countless Black and brown youth and families will learn how to invest and grow wealth for themselves and for future generations. This situation is a win/win, and the smile on Ruby’s face couldn’t be any wider.

To learn more about investing, closing the racial wealth gap, and growing generational wealth for Black and brown families, please visit Financial Joy School and become a part of our financial family.


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