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Pfizer: Never Go Out of Stock


Here at Financial Joy School, we’ve been offering up some suggestions about our favorite stocks on the market today. If you know your way around Wall Street or just starting out your investment journey, we have a suggestion for a new stock you might want to buy: Pfizer. Let’s learn about Pfizer Stock. 

Once Upon A Time

In 1849, Pfizer was first founded as “Charles Pfizer & Company” by two German immigrants, a Mr. Charles Pfizer and a Mr. Charles Erhart. As the oldest company on our list of stocks, Pfizer beats American Express (1850) by only one year. Based out of Brooklyn, the company expanded into Manhattan in the 1860’s, and then further into Chicago by the 1880’s. By the early 1900’s, Pfizer was the leader in providing citric acid for the entire country.

The 1930’s saw Pfizer as the world leader in producing vitamin C, and during World War II, Pfizer was called upon to distribute penicillin to treat wounded Allied soldiers. Soon after, you guessed it, Pfizer became the world’s largest distributor of penicillin as well.

Ever since then, Pfizer has been the company that continues to innovate new drug treatments, bringing the world such well-known prescription drugs as Zoloft, Viagra, Glucotrol, Celebrex, and most recently, the Covid-19 vaccine and booster.

Constantly Innovating

Pfizer has been around for so long, they have become the world’s most trusted name in pharmaceuticals. They are constantly innovating and have committed themselves to creating new drugs that will only help to cure or manage the diseases of the world. Their drugs help all kinds of ailments, and their army of scientists worldwide are dedicated to several different medical fields, including oncology, immunology, neurology, diabetes, rheumatology, and so much more. 

The company has also been the first to jump in and help during any health crisis, as seen by their efforts to bring penicillin to the front lines in World War II all the way to modern day, by answering the demand for a vaccine for Covid-19. They have the means to help and are determined to do so. They are a pharmaceutical giant who knows their value after well over 170 years in business. As such, their name has become synonymous with health and wellness the whole world over.

Never Out of Stock

With their glowing reputation and their jaw-dropping longevity as a company, Pfizer has proven itself to be a stock worth owning. Chances are if you’ve ever needed a prescription, you’ve taken drugs manufactured by Pfizer. It’s their innovation coupled with their willingness to step up to the plate should there be a health crisis that makes them an attractive stock to invest in. 

These two things combined solidify Pfizer not only as a trusted name in pharmaceuticals, but as a stock you can count on to be handed down through the generations of your family for as long as people need medication. Pfizer is going nowhere, which means their stock is as solid as bedrock.

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