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Give Some Credit to

American Express


Financial Joy School is pleased to bring you our choices for the best stocks to invest in, regardless of your knowledge of the stock market. Over the past few weeks, we’ve showcased several solid and reliable stocks you can trust. Today, we propose a stock that’s been around since before the Civil War began: American Express.

Humble Beginnings

American Express, known today as Amex, began all the way back in 1850. The original purpose of Amex was as a freight-forwarding company that ensured customers could have their possessions shipped wherever they needed to go. To put it in today’s terms, they were like a moving company or FedEx, shipping customer’s valuables across the country.

Soon, Amex expanded to include shipping goods between businesses in the 1870s. The 1890s saw traveler’s checks issued by Amex, and believe it or not, World War I gave Amex the chance to shine, by forwarding luggage and cashing cashier’s checks of people stranded by the war.

Evolution of a Brand

By the 1950s, Amex introduced their first credit card, and the rest, as they say, is history. Over the years, there was less demand for their shipping services and more demand for their credit cards. They went global, and by the 1980s, were dedicated to helping small businesses grow through their new program named OPEN: The Small Business Network.

Today, Amex is one of the most trusted names for business credit cards to date, offering rewards, travel perks, even cash back on some purchases. Amex is also a trusted personal credit card as well. The company itself is over 170 years old and still stands upon its sterling reputation.

An Excellent Investment

Considering Amex’s fantastic staying power since 1850, it’s safe to say this company is here to stay long into the future. Everyone has heard of Amex all around the globe and as far as credit cards go, it is one of the most celebrated and established. Amex has learned how to adapt as the years have gone by, and this element is crucial for establishing themselves not only as a rock-solid stock, but one that will last through generations. 

When purchasing stocks, a name like Amex is what you want to look for, one that is firm and respected, and if you can find it, has been around the block a few times. Amex offers both of these perks, which brings their investors peace of mind. These stocks won’t disappear on you, and they’ll only appreciate over time. 

Building generational wealth begins with a company that has built itself over generations. Due to its past success, you know its future success is guaranteed. American Express is just such a company. The longevity of this company means that your children and your children’s children will be enjoying these stocks for years to come. Consider American Express when looking to invest.

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