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Financial Joy School built the first Investment Calculator for Black People


Why? Financial Industries create a world in which it can be intimidating if you don’t know the language. We want to change that with a smile. Our mission is to close the racial wealth gap by creating a welcoming space for Black Youth and Families to become long-term investors. 


Over the years, we loved using investment calculators. Still, as black investors, it was hard to use investment calculators initially because I never knew what rate I needed to put in and how long I needed to invest. Over time, I have learned and grew as an investor, and I want to ensure black youth and families never struggle with investment calculators the way I once did. 


So, I searched for investment calculators that automated the rates and the years, and I could not find one. Instead of bugging companies to create one, we decided to hire a developer to create our own. 


Allow me to introduce the Generational Wealth Investment Calculator created for Black Youth and Families. 


Creating the calculator came with lots of struggles and firing developers and hiring new ones. My frustrations and disappointments were high, and my purpose of empowering and inspiring our people to build generational wealth will always be higher. Anything worth having will come with some tension and struggles, and we as people never back down from difficult moments.


Instead, I wiped my tears, prayed, refocused, affirmed, and kept moving forward. It took 2 weeks longer than I anticipated and what I envisioned came to fruition no matter the challenges.


We hope that every user uses the calculator in whichever way they desire. We are here to inspire and empower us all to financial freedom and generational wealth building. Together we will close the racial wealth gap with a smile because we can. 


Use the Investment Calculator Created for YOU…

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