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Getting to Know Washington Mutual

Investors Fund (WSHFX)


If you’re looking to invest in a mutual fund but don’t know where to begin, we’ve been listing a few of our top mutual fund picks over the past few weeks. This week, we’re showcasing the Washington Mutual Investors Fund, also known as WSHFX. Let’s take a look at what makes this fund an excellent investment.

All About WSHFX

The Washington Mutual Investors Fund was founded on March 15th, 2001, making it a 21 year old mutual fund. If longevity and market strength are important to you, WSHFX is the perfect fund for your investment dollar. The minimum investment for this fund is $250, however the minimum investment for an IRA is only $25. 

Dividends are paid quarterly, every March, June, September, and December. Capital gains, however, are paid only twice a year in June and December. With well over 81,000 shareholder accounts, this mutual fund is going strong and will continue to grow as the years go on. 

The Purpose of WSHFX

This fund was created with income in mind, to give investors the freedom to grow principal through the means of wise investing in stocks that are not only common, but stable as well. While the fund itself is a large one, with assets over $100 million, its goal is to seek common stocks and certain securities that can be converted into the same. In other words, there is nothing flashy or risky with this mutual fund, which means it is a rock solid choice when it comes to investing your money.

Top Equities

You might be surprised to learn that while WSHFX invests in common stocks, these stocks are from well-known companies considered to be its top equities. These companies include Microsoft, UnitedHealth Group, Comcast, Pfizer, CVS, Johnson & Johnson, and Home Depot, just to name a few. Equities in this fund range from health care to real estate, and from utilities to energy. 

While the lion’s share of investments for WSHFX lies in the United States, there are a few choice holdings outside the U.S. that WSHFX invests in as well. Europe holds 5 percent of the fund, while Canada holds 1.5 percent. 

This Fund is Open

Some of the funds we’ve showcased over these past few weeks have been temporarily closed to new investors, however WSHFX is open to any and all. This fund’s portfolio style is rated as Growth & Income, while its category is labeled as Large-Cap Value. 

In Summary

If you’re looking for a mutual fund that’s open to new or established investors, WSHFX is the fund to dive into. Not only is the minimum fee to invest a reasonable $250, but it invests in companies you’ve heard of, from Microsoft to Home Depot to Pfizer. 

These established companies are not only listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but have proven themselves to have excellent track records when it comes to dividends and earnings. When in the market for a mutual fund, be sure to consider the stability and growth of WSHFX.

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