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Investing and Creating – How to Create Something Out of Nothing

3 Tips to Create Something Out of Nothing



I didn’t come from a family with money, but I did come from a family who knew how to take NOTHING and make SOMETHING out of it. My parents are from North Carolina, both were sharecroppers, and their parents had lots of kids (22 and 12 to be exact) and very few resources. Yet, they made something out of nothing.


My paternal grandparents brought a house and land for their children to build on. They found a way to allow their 12 children to enjoy life by attending the state fair, drinking coca-colas, creating music, and dreaming and remember they had nothing.


They had feasts, they had each other, they created songs, and every one of my parents’ siblings lives much better than their childhood. But, those beginning roots taught them a perspective of what you can do, with what you have, even when it is nothing.


That same philosophy has helped me become a long-term investor and create even when my resources states the total opposite. Investing doesn’t mean you are debt-free and money is in overflow – it means I am taking what I have and ensure it grows. Every month I make sure to invest monthly in my investments. Whether it’s $5, $10, $25, $100, or $500, whatever I have for that month is what I invest. That is how I am growing my wealth.


Like my startup Financial Joy School, many people didn’t see why I would start such a venture with no capital. I smiled because even though I don’t have the resources or the backing, I keep pushing. When God gives you a gift and purpose, you must use it, or else you are not fully living. Even though I don’t have a marketing budget, I was on the Nasdaq Jumbotron in NYC, mentioned in Fast Company,, partnering with organizations, and Trust and Will is sponsoring us. I went from idea to execution to progress in less than 4 months. I took nothing and made something out of it.


I didn’t wait for me to be rich to become a long-term investor, and I pray you don’t wait either. I didn’t wait for funding or connections to create Financial Joy School, and I pray you don’t wait either. You, too, can make something out of nothing.




1- Embrace the truth; you have everything you need to start right now.

2- Vent don’t Complain

Venting is letting out your frustrations and disappointments and still taking action to move forward. Complaining is letting out your frustrations and disappointments and doing nothing about it because you feel the other person or thing is stopping you.

Please vent. Don’t complain.

3- Always ask God (or your higher power), “what should I do today, and give me the strength to do it.”

If you implement these 3 tips sooner rather than later, you will have something from nothing. Let’s Go…


Together we will build generational wealth for our community, the Black Community, because we know how to make something out of nothing.


Ruby Taylor

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