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Every Friday we will release our new weekly series The Black Generational Wealth Series, which will highlight black families across the globe who has created generational wealth.

5 Generations of Wealth Building From Slavery to Today

Financial Joy School IMG_1459-222x300 The Black Generational Wealth Series - The McKissack Family The McKissack Family

When I learned about the McKissacks generational wealth, I was excited and proud to see a black family create generational wealth and keep it in the family. It is our mission to inspire and empower more black families to build generational wealth through long-term investing.

Yes, the McKissack’s not only own businesses they also invest in the stock market. 

I want to share 5 Facts About The McKissack’s & How They Built Generational Wealth.


#1 The Beginning 

Moses McKissack was a slave and became a freeman. He was taught how to make bricks and began his entrepreneurial journey selling the bricks he made.

Financial Joy School IMG_1463 The Black Generational Wealth Series - The McKissack Family


#2 The Expansion

Moses II expanded the training his father gave him and became a master carpenter. He built spiral staircases and made the gingerbread finishes on the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville.

Financial Joy School IMG_6979 The Black Generational Wealth Series - The McKissack Family



#3 The Formalized Business

Moses III and his brother Calvin McKissack formalized McKissack & McKissack into a construction firm in 1905.


#4 The First African American Architects in Tennessee

Financial Joy School IMG_6978 The Black Generational Wealth Series - The McKissack Family

Moses III and Calvin McKissack became the first black architects in Tennessee and expanded to 22 other states.

#5 Who is Leading The McKissack’s Family Business Today

Financial Joy School IMG_1462-227x300 The Black Generational Wealth Series - The McKissack Family

Moses III’s youngest son, DeBerry, took over the family business. DeBerry’s two daughters continue the family business, one as an Architectural Firm and the other Design and Construction Firm.

McKissack and McKissack design and construction firm is the oldest minority/women-owned firm in the United States, and it is currently led by Cheryl McKissack Daniel (DeBerry McKissack’s Daughter).

To learn more about this fantastic family CLICK HERE 

Come back every Friday as we highlight black families who has built generational wealth.




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